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Best US Binary Options Companies

US Binary options brokers are good at what they do because they speak ‘American’.

We are asked many times for the best broker in the US or in very specific regions. To be honest, this is an incredibly good question. Too often do brokers forget that not all English speakers are the same. We assume this to be the case for Spanish speakers or even Portuguese speakers. But with English speakers it goes beyond mannerisms and word choice. Sometimes, in English, a Brit can simply offend an American and vice versa. This is why region specific broker are key to making a choice as to who to trade with. We are of the belief that our top 5 brokers do in fact have the American client in mind. However, we know for certain that each of them have account managers and support staff from the US, UK, South Africa, and some even from India.


To be the best binary options broker in the US though is more than just speaking English natively. It’s even beyond speaking English as one does in any particular state with any particular accent. Binary options brokers are certainly aware of this fact and that’s why the biggest brokers have people from all walks of life and all different parts of the US working for them so that they can best speak to a customer in his/her own language. Sure, it’s all English, but a New Yorker with a heavy Brooklyn accent speaking to a Londoner, well that’s the beginning of a good joke.

The fact is, the language and accent aren’t the only factors that relate to a broker being good in the US. It’s the actual and how it’s presented. There is an unfortunate trend in Europe now, primarily at gaming companies, to force the idea that financial trading is a form of gambling. Even if this were the case, selling this idea to Americans just seems wrong. For starters, gaming is a problem in the US and although we love Vegas, trading isn’t really gambling. For starters, the majority of people in the US who trade with brokers aren’t just looking for a good time on a random Wednesday night. That’s why most traders, whether they exhibit habits of gambler or not, read up on the news and check out the charts.

US binary options brokers that see themselves as the best in the business tend to look the part and provide a general financial feel to the product. The same can be said about forex and stock trading. If someone were to present those industries as gambling, many would sigh. We wouldn’t bat an eye. Trading financials is risky and involves taking a chance with your money with no guarantees for anything and a high likelihood of failure. Does that make it gambling? In our eyes, not at all.

That’s why the brokers in America are probably not even American companies but do have US citizens and ex-pats working for them, otherwise the product would be lost on American traders. We also know that traders of binaries in the US aren’t going to be duped into trading by some slick tongued account manager. Traders in the want to be provided thorough and informative explanations on how to trade and more importantly why binary options could be the right venue for them. This is not necessarily the route a South African may choose in the way to go about choosing a broker. Most Europeans hate speaking to people on the phone as they see “sales calls” as a means to cause them harm. But that’s not the case in the US and as such, the bet brokers’ staff include greatly knowledgeable traders and support reps ready to help our the American trader; whether well versed in trading or just starting out.

best us binary option companies
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